What is Psychotherapy?

We all have the capacity to enjoy good mental health and well-being. 

Psychotherapy offers a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment in which people can talk about whatever they want; explore their experiences, discuss their problems and difficulties, decide what they want to change, and consider how to cope with what they can’t change.

When should I see a Psychotherapist?

People seek psychotherapy for many reasons; sometimes life can be confusing and frustrating, it can feel pointless or scary.

They may be experiencing difficult times in their lives and feel overwhelmed or feelings of anxiety, depression or stuck in situations that feel beyond their control.

They may be troubled by past experiences. Some people enter into therapy because they simply feel unhappy in themselves or puzzled by life.

However big or small your problems are, exploring them with a trained therapist can assist you in developing options for change and moving forward in a way that changes or enhances your life

What is Transactional Analysis (TA)?

Transactional Analysis (TA). TA originates from Psycho-analysis; it’s clear and easy to understand which in turn helps make complicated processes easier to understand helping the client to feel more empowered.

It is suited both to short-term goal-focussed counselling, and longer-term more exploratory psychotherapy. The goal of both of these is not only understanding but also change.

Difficulties in the present are seen to result from decisions made in the past in order to cope with difficult experiences. These coping strategies are no longer helpful and new decisions need to be made which will be more helpful.

It is my experience that a warm and supportive therapeutic relationship can give us the safety and space to explore the patterns that we have developed in our life and relationships and although it can’t change the past, it can support us to come to terms with the experiences we have lived and can make a difference to our future.

We have two Psychotherapists here at Inspiring Health.  Vicky Strowger and Debbie Rowlands



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