Hydration & Hayfever

Pollen counts are high and temperatures are soaring.

Don’t let the pollen get you down and prevent you from getting outdoors in the beautiful healthy sunshine..

Hayfever symptoms (runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing and snuffles) are all the result of what’s called the histamine response. This is a chemical that the immune cells release in an allergic response.

BUT did you know?? Being dehy

drated also starts the histamine response so you are much more likely to suffer the sniffles if you aren’t keeping up your fluid intake. (Other symptoms of dehydration include headache, dizziness and fatigue.. sound familiar?)

So to prevent a stronger response to the pollens drink plenty of water and hydrating fluids throughout the day.

Little trick: if you’re bunged up and feeling full of hayfever, put a pinch of sea salt on your tongue and let it dissolve.. this can really clear your sinuses.. but be sure follow with plenty of water.



Osteopath & Naturopath @ Inspiring Health Clinic Falmouth

Following the latest guidance from Public Health England, we are extremely pleased to announce that we are able to do face-to-face Osteopathy, Reflexology Acupuncture, Counselling and Massage appointments.

We have missed our patients and being unable to help you all has been frustrating.

The clinic has had to undergo some changes which will enhance the safety of our patients and practitioners during this unprecedented time.

In the short term you will notice some differences, such as a required health screening and consent form before your appointment and the use of PPE by practitioners.

What will remain constant will be the high standard of care that you expect from us.

Please email us using info@inspiringhealth.org.uk or telephone on 01326 212112 to make an appointment.